The Git Parable

I don’t sleep well, and frequently wake up around 2 AM.  Sometimes I’m tired and can go back to sleep. Other times I wake up and I’m UP so I usually code. One morning was sort of borderline, but I decided to get up and code anyway. I started building a little calculator app in… Continue reading The Git Parable

Parameterized Testing With JUnit 5 For Kotlin

I am a fan of parameterized testing as it is found in JUnit 5, but when you start a new Kotlin JVM project in IntelliJ with Gradle it defaults to JUnit 4. I’ve found several tutorials and a great deal of documentation about getting Kotlin and JUnit 5 to work together, but none of them… Continue reading Parameterized Testing With JUnit 5 For Kotlin

Hello world!

Oh Christ, here we go again. It’s me, I have a blog. It deals with tech shit, or subversive cross stitch, or whatever else seems like a giggle at the time. Some of the posts will be rambling, some technical. Your mileage may vary. No refunds.

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